Website Updates

Dear Clients,

Please check your website for updates and please update all wordpress site to the latest wordpress we're having some problems with sites not being updated and its affecting the security of the server.

27th Oct 2022
URGENT: Nameserver URL Change


We wanted to inform everyone starting July 10th, 2022 all website nameservers will need to be updated to &

If this isn’t done before this date your website(s) will no longer respond

5th Jun 2022
Terminating Accounts

Effective immediately all accounts that are not paid up to date within 60 days of your due date will be Terminated immediately starting December 1st.

15th Nov 2021
Nameserver Work Around

UPDATE: For those with Domain Names on the Godaddy platform we have found a work around to get your domain names backup please go to edit DNS and go to the bottom of the page and look for Advanced Features and go to hostnames and make your own name servers using the following IP Address


15th Sep 2021

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